Desi Date Today – Desi Month Date Today 2024

Welcome to our website, where you can find today’s date in two different calendars: the Desi calendar and the Gregorian calendar. If you follow Punjabi culture, you might want to know the Desi date today. Which is used in many parts of Pakistan and India, especially in Punjab. It uses both solar and lunar cycles to determine months and dates.

Desi Date Today
Gregorian Date Today
Desi Date Today

Desi Calendar 2024 (دیسی مہینے کا کلینڈر 2024)

Desi Months Name

  1. Chet
  2. Vaisakh
  3. Jeth
  4. Harh
  5. Sawan
  6. Bhadon
  7. Assu
  8. Kattak
  9. Maghar
  10. Poh
  11. Magh
  12. Phagon

How Desi Calendar are Developed

No.EnglishJulian Month
1ChetMid March – Mid April
2VaisakhMid April – Mid May
3JethMid May – Mid June
4HarhMid June – Mid July
5SawanMid July – Mid August
6BhadonMid August – Mid September
7AssuMid September – Mid October
8KattakMid October – Mid November
9MagharMid November – Mid December
10PohMid December – Mid January
11MaghMid January – Mid February
12PhaganMid February – Mid March